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DrugTestsMart.com is trusted on-line store selling all kinds of high quality tests including alcohol and drug tests, disease and miscellaneous tests, forensic tests, ovulation and pregnancy tests, monitoring devices at low prices.
Nowadays testing is usually used by employers who want to have healthy staff which will be always in form for their work. Employees undergo such tests as well as applicants. It's made regularly and when they return to duty from their vacations. Post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing are also common nowadays. To protect your life and the lives of your relatives, children and friends, to prove someone's clearness of drugs or child abuse or vice versa, to improve your health by checking the level of toxins in your organism and to prevent serious illnesses we offer you:
Alcohol tests - Alcohol disturbs our ability to act and think clearly. The use of alcohol leads to accidents on the road, at work and at home. In the modern society moderate amounts of alcohol are acceptable. Out alcohol tests check the level alcohol in your blood to detect whether it's within legal limits or not.
Disease (infection) tests - Testing your blood or urine you can detect the level of cholesterol and presence of allergies in your organism, detect such diseases as hepatitis B and C, HIV. Nowadays these infections have affected a large amount of people and with the help of special tests (strips, cassettes) you are able to control your health yourself and get reliable results not leaving your home.
Drug tests - There are various kinds of drug tests but some of them are more widely used. Urine drug tests are done with a test card which gives an immediate result or the sample is taken to the laboratory where it undergoes special analyses. Oral fluid, or saliva drug test detects drug chemicals contained in THC (hashish), marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines.
Forensic tests - Being a new method for performing forensic tests are recognized by law and used at the court to provide evidence, for explosive detection, surface drug testing, DNA identification.
Miscellaneous tests - Allergic reaction have a negative impact on our skin, lungs, heart because of creating histamines and chemicals as the reaction on ill-effected products entering our organism. Allergy tests help to indentify whether you have an allergy or not. But for getting accurate and 100 % results you should consult a doctor in order to determine what product causes the allergy.
Monitoring devices - If you have no free time for consulting doctors and undergoing analyses at the clinic but you want to take care of your health we offer you various monitoring devices and special kits. With their help you can easily check the level of cholesterol and glucose, the presence of hepatitis, allergy reactions, ovulating and pregnancy at home.
Ovulation tests - These tests detect a level rise of luteinizing hormone (LH) and help to detect the best period for woman undergoing the ovulation to become pregnant.
Pregnancy tests - Our tests are easy to use and they'll help you to detect the pregnancy at a very early stage (a week after the conception) by studying HCG in your system.
Such tests have a lot of advantages: they can be done by yourself at home because they don't require special equipment, knowledge and experience; they safe your time and money; they keep the results in privacy.
DrugTestsMart.com provides you only with high quality products at low prices. We want you to be healthy and sure of your future. You are always welcome!